FEC101 Nov 21, 2014

FIRST RUN of the new GEVO engines 804 and 803 on FEC101 by mp216 at 6:34 with lots of toots from the beautiful horn and love the sound of the engines.  Racks up the ying yang and well worth the wait for the new ones!
Anita and Caboose

FEC101 Nov 21, 2014 vid link:

It might have been dark thirty but we watched 202 and 101 through Caboose Junction tonight between 5:30 and 6:30. We were given toots and lights flashing by both as I gave them my sparklers glowing in the dark. Yea, the highlight was waiting to hear 101 but we got a special treat of FECRS members Ron Hammond and Doug Friar joining us @mp216 as 101 went whizzing by and joined us for a delicious dinner at Woody's in Roseland. Got to see their pics and discuss their following of 101 from New Smyrna south to the meet with us. Thanks fellas and so nice to break bread together!!!
Anita and Caboose

Ah! Finally some quiet time to myself. It was a pleasure to join you Cabeeses for some pretty darn good BBQ tonight after a long trip from Broward to NSB for 101 in daylight, which, that's just about all there was since a big fat cloud covered our golden hour. Oh, about 3 minutes later, the rails were bathed in that golden hour sun light as we watch 101's EOT vanish in the distance.  :sigh: Oh well. That afternoon I got a call to work for Saturday so we were going to dead head right back to Broward but as we got closer to Sebastian Beach we figured we had time to stop for a bite with Mikey and Anita after all. Good food, good conversation with good company. We enjoyed every minute but before you knew it, it was time for that trek home. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Caboose, see y'all on the next go round. Be safe.

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