FEC202 + 101 Nov 11, 2014

101-11 by mp216 on 5:43 with 102 & 103. Tommy/Tony with nice sequence of toots and
lights flashing to my sparklers. Still just light enough to make out engines and consist.
Lots of racks up front(is there a turkey day special on new cars?),  a hefty amount of
double stacks and IM, with a Tiger Cool Express in a well and an Ashley 3/4's back.
Caboose busy being a Conductor at School  in Sebastian with Palm Bay Modelers and a
dinner meeting in Cocoa  with Hal Greenlee and the NRHS tonight.  Bless his heart for
wearing the conductor garb and giving presentations about FEC, FECRS, Fellsmere rail
road and simply sharing his vast knowledge of Trains!!  I am so proud of him,  but can not
keep and remember all he loves to explain to me.

202 by mp216 at 5:24 with Hertwig's 715 & &716. Jim toots away with melodic sounds and
ECH waving from the cab window with student conductor to my sparklers. Had some
rain, but still too dry for fusees. Rock up front, 2 freight cars, long string of tanks,
lots of IM with double stacks, a Tiger Cool Express on top of a blue FEC container and
racks on the bottom. Meet in Micco with 101.

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