FEC202 Nov 5, 2014

202 by mp216 at 6:23 with 107 & 141. Tommy and Tony tooting and flashing lights to my
sparklers. Rock up front with tubs, IM, racks, freight and lots of center beams causing
waves in the wind. 

Lucky to see trains tonight after attending the Vero EIS presentation for AAF.  Pleased
to see Bob Ledoux, Debra Phillips, Rusty Roberts, Matt Mohler, Ali Soule, Dave Cokinous,
Phil Mattson, Haynes McDaniel and they were delighted to see us in return.  FRA hosts
were cordial and had fantastic interactive displays and experts available to converse
with all concerned.
A worthwhile function to attend and may this serve as a reminder to attend the upcoming
Anita and Caboose

FEC202 Nov 5, 2014 vid link:

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