FEC202 + 101 Nov 12, 2014

101-12 with Hertwig713, 709 & Hertwig 714 by mp216 at 6:27 with Jim, student
conductor and ECH waving blue light special, toots and lights flashing to my sparklers.
All IM and could make out with flashlight quite a few containers of  building materials.
Picked up speed big time by us and then heard on scanner a form T at Oslo mp 232.6
Anita and Caboose

202 by mp216 on 6:07 with 708 & 717. Tommy/Tony with melodic sounds tonight and
lights flashing to my sparklers. Rock up front, followed the IM, freight, 4 shiny dumpers,
center beams & bulkheads making waves in the wind, tanks followed by 32 racks on the
rear. Caboose with no video as too dark. Meet in Micco with 101.
Anita and Caboose

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